From Grey to Glow

You want to have completeness, living with full health and finally living a life of abundance.

But you are hesitant to even start with another clinician, therapist, diet program, just trying to get closer to healthy and completeness, to finally be well and happy again. You are giving up all hope.

In fact, you are realizing you are actually sick, with some physical health symptoms and even feeling estranged to self and others that are important to you.

And when you sit with yourself, you are really yearning for more to life…. there must be more to the life you are living now. Where did all the satisfaction in life disappear to and when can you find it again?

What if I told you that you can actually GLOW again


Hello my person, this is Dr. Lillian Nabukeera Kaliisa. I support ambitious professionals whose lives are GREY to finally find their GLOW through living in whole health

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Imagine if you could …

Be that amazing, admirable, self-driven individual that you once were. One that is full of life, optimism and would never second guess herself. Imagine that!

Have your mind free and fresh to dream again, to create what you envision and to strategically plan out your life to the detail, only expecting to WIN. Imagine that!

Own your health, own your growth, own YOU, such that yours is self-growth; you are in control of your health, your body, your mind and your entire wellbeing. Imagine that!

Spell out your big WHY with confidence, and live in it every day; to have your purpose as clear as day, meaning that you have a meaningful life daily. Yes, you do! Imagine that!

Be extraordinary

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What would it mean if you could finally find completeness?

Imagine ....

Waking up daily to a fulfilled you, having creativity flowing through your mind and in great harmony with your body, your mind and your most important relations and surroundings around you. You are simply extraordinary!



A three-month intensive program enabling you to transition from GREY to GLOW