This is a 10 to 12 week intense program that is sandwiched with face-to-face virtual and physical coaching sessions while the ladies are supported to do the actual work with step-by-step guidance

Ladies that have faced the effects of inner emptiness are enabled to walk from HOPE to HEALING through tangible transformations and detailed work in their emotional, physical and social wellbeings

By the end of this program, ladies are unrecognizable because their whole demeanor is different; they are walking in the lifestyle of healing.

The pain is not gone, the scars still exist but because the ladies have embraced a healthy version of themselves, these truths no longer define them and how they walk through their lives 

The crowns on their (painful) stories are re-arranged, their ashes are beautified and their pain is turned into purpose (we also support them into finding this)

Ladies can tangibly redefine their own health according to the true definition of HEALTH given by WHO (a state of complete emotional, physical and social wellbeing)