LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE ; Not Your Average Valentines Tale 🤔, Shall We?

I am seated in an area, similar to a classroom setting, in a not-so-modern community, I must say. Everything really looks ordinary and generally, all occupants actually do look ordinary. There is nothing special that will make one stand out more than the other. The sole purpose for which we are all here in this space, is to acquire knowledge, pass the given assessments and then go out to the next levels of life, wherever it is that life will throw each one of us.

Yet in the same breath, I recall what I read earlier in the week, you know we are taught that to be successful in life, we have to read, great and successful people seem to have that in common, most or almost all the time. And that if you want to be a great leader in your field of influence, spend an hour reading in that area every single day and in 5 to 10 years, you will be a sought leader in that field. If I know what it takes to achieve that, of course I want exactly that, then why will I not do exactly what great people have said worked for them, and of course, they are great leaders in their spheres of influence.

….the “6 P formula”, is what I read; Brain Tracy quoted this as Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Can I apply this to the latest challenge before me? You recall, I am in a classroom, there is knowledge being shared for which I will have to be examined. Do I want to be ordinary or will I stand out? Can the 6 P formula that I am doing my best to comprehend, enable me to pass this hurdle, and not just be ordinary in this space?  Did I mention, there is the part of being mother, then of being wife, then a friend and sister to my girlfriends, and then….the part where I seek to be expert, that of being a family physician and holistic health expert, with people whose lives have a lot to do with this knowledge I am here to add to the already existing one. Can I still apply the 6 P formula? Brian Tracy says, of course, just like a tightrope walker has to balance on a tight wire every time he is walking on it (mark the word EVERYTIME), so should we achieve balance between work and home life, and all other life. That is balancing all the time!

There-in lies the conclusion of my thought process. “For my light to shine so bright that such a room can feel and see it, mine has to be the “6 P formula”; that is, to properly plan prior before I even step into such a room. Yes, I can do it, and I will. I look forward to telling you about where this journey will end, no wonder successful people read! Where else would I have had such thoughts at such a time?

This overrated week, that sandwiches the 14th Day of February, how did you plan? For your light to so shine that someone will send you those flowers, the chocolate and the lively dinner at your favorite restaurant or beach, like I like to imagine. Did you practice it on your own, through self love, so you know exactly how it ought to be done, did you talk about it, did you care enough to plan financially with the one that you want to spend it with, did you share your ideas?... I’m just asking….or did you leave it all to chance? That, without any research needed, risks chances of disappointment. I hope you did, I really do.

So, I do wish you a great and amazing one, while I encourage you to consider the 6 P formula, even in that very delicate yet necessary area of life.
……signed off, 

Dr. Lillian N. Kaliisa

Your expert in Holistic Health & Healing
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