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This HEALTH Coaching is a form of development whereby we support ladies to achieve personal and professionally led goals in redefining their HEALTH and walking a lifestyle of HEALING. It entails trainings that begin at building HOPE as a snapshot moment to point to the possibility of finding HEALING

The lady walking this journey does not have to walk through the very lonely and daunting experience after trauma and loss while alone. H3 is here to hold her hand and guide her to walk the journey of redefining her own HEALTH through tangible steps in the three main areas of health:

  • Physical wellbeing

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • Social (spiritual and environmental) wellbeing

Like seeing a child grow through their milestones towards independence, this coaching space enables ladies to be supported, hand in hand, from places of hopelessness and inner emptiness towards the promise of finding inner completeness and embracing their new HEALING as a lifestyle

This journey is a journey of HOPE Igniting HEALING for ladies, in a very small and closed-in community, valuing intimacy as well as quality over quantity

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Public Speaking




H3 will come into your space, physically or virtually, to use HOPE as a snapshot moment to point women to the possibility of finding HEALING; be it in your workplace, at an event or scheduled physical or virtual meeting

While our audience is a crowd, we reach the heart of our LADY, the “one”, through speaking right to her heart while in a crowd, about the possibility of individually redefining her HEALTH from a place of PAIN and how this PAIN can become the power to finding purpose and HEALING.

Public speaking shifts their minds and thinking from places of emptiness to seeing HOPE, that that which keeps them awake at night is known and can be further unearthed. Through public speaking, our LADY’s heart is touched by calling out the PAIN from her TRUTH. She is further equipped with tangible professionally led steps towards physical, emotional and social wellbeing enabling this LADY to make individual goals towards personal, social and psychological problem resolution.

This is the PROMISE….. That even though you stand in a crowd, and yet having inner emptiness and often physical disease, the HOPE to building a HEALTHY you, stands right before you. So, we are supporting YOU, our audience, our LADY, to Visualise yourself, reaching the goal of holistic HEALTH by Finding Inner Completeness and Healing

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In H3 HEALTH counselling, we concentrate on our ladies’ past stories and support them in moving forward to reach their fullest individual potential, through professionally led guidance to make individual goals towards personal, social and psychological problem resolution. The most significant step to HEALING is to tell your story.

Living through any trauma and loss is lonesome and overwhelming, but the pain has to be unearthed. While physical wounds heal by no touch, the emotional ones, the ones affecting the mind and heart, heal by being touched, by telling their story.

The snapshot moment of HOPE during this counselling is the meeting point for two places in the lady’s life i.e. that the past, where the lesson was learned is gone and the future, where the lesson is yet to be applied, is right there with her in that moment. Through this, we hold the mind of our lady to start on the journey to HEALING, enabling us to put a crown to that story.

You lady, receive support to see a HEALTHY you, visualising yourself reaching your goal of holistic HEALTH through finding inner completeness and embracing HEALING as a Lifestyle

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