Emotional Wellbeing

A 3 week journey; where, together with our lady, we shall TALK ABOUT IT!

Managing the mind of this lady, to see beyond the trauma and visualize a healed version of herself, achieving self-worth

Self-assessment and self-awareness through guided introspection

Using snapshot moments of using HOPE to point this lady to the possibility of finding HEALING

We create a shift of her mind and thinking from places of emptiness towards seeing HOPE; that which keeps her awake at night is known and can be further unearthed

We are able to touch her heart by “calling out” the pain from her truth

The lady is equipped with professionally led steps towards physical, emotional and social wellbeing

Enabling her to make individual goals towards personal logical problem resolution


Physical Wellbeing

A 3 week journey; where we, together with our lady, to STEP OUT!

Managing the body, in response to an achieved mindset shift, embracing tangible avenues to self-love

Together with the lady, develop personal goals towards achieving the best version of her body through guided physical activity, diet, rest and relaxation plans

We support her into realizing the appropriate routine health packages recommended in her context

Tailor long term activities and plans towards her needs, given her story, to achieve and show her what a healed version of herself looks like (action and visualization)


Social Wellbeing

A 3 week journey; where, together with our lady, we CONNECT TO A COMMUNITY

Guided through setting personal boundaries that will regulate the world around to share in our lady’s healed version

Including the vertical relationship (spirituality) and horizontal ones.

Set guided personal goals towards daily spiritually nourishing and fulfilment

And horizontally, reorganize and declutter human and non-human surroundings, to accommodate the healed version of our lady

Mending broken vital relationships that support healing for our lady