Dr. Lillian N. Kaliisa
Dr. Lillian N. Kaliisa




To that young lady, affected by the results of trauma and loss, now having inner illness and emptiness, here is the journey where HOPE Ignites HEALING for you

  • First steps towards HEALING - Beginning at a place of forgiving yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know until you learned and lived it,

  • Honouring your path, Trusting your journey, Learning, Growing, Evolving, Becoming and eventually, HEALING

  • Break down the steps to redefine your HEALTH, embrace your story towards the best version of you in it, a HEALTHY Queen.

  • Walk you through your next steps towards growing into the best version of your HEALTHY self

  • Guide you through setting your priorities for your HEALTH (physical, emotional and social wellbeing)

  • With guided resources, you will discover new HOPE ignited for your HEALING journey

  • Start your new journey, with new goals for YOU and your HEALTH!!

And what is intimate girl-space without decent meals, cozy settings, sharing and lots of smiles and laughter, in a fancy space to set the stage to your ROYALTY!

Welcome to HOPE Igniting your HEALING

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According to the WHO Constitution of 1948, HEALTH is defined as 'a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity' (WHO, 1948)

In seeking Whole Health, you are empowered to give YOUSELF permission to take charge of your health and wellbeing, so as to live life to the fullest. It starts with YOU.

It is driven by creating self-awareness, in re-knowing yourself and what really works for you to complete YOU. Its in-depth inner searching of that girl inside, that you were once proud of, that you once loved so dearly and dared to take care of and showed of to whoever entered your space.….once upon a time!

This is best enhanced through a community; you have been offered one at HopeHealthHealing, to support you through this journey. YOU are not alone! You will embrace the actual steps of the journey, through guided coaching, to lead you through support, reigniting forgotten and new skills, and follow-up that you need to reach your goals to a HEALTHY YOU.

YOU have to give yourself permission to put in the work!

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Here is YOUR Trophy, Here is your CROWN!!  
Welcome to the new version of you, a HEALTHY QUEEN

This is the result of the journey you gave yourself permission to walk, many months or even years ago. You have done well. Heaven is proud of YOU dear HEALTHY Queen!

HEALING is a lifestyle, will you hold the hand of another one like you, will you show them the journey that you once started, will you wipe their tears as well and re-arrange their crowns with them?

YOU Honoured your path,YOU Trusted your journey,YOU Learnt,

  • YOU have Grown,

  • YOU have Evolved,

  • YOU have Become a NEW HEALTHY YOU,

  • YOU have HEALED!