I believe...

At the core of my innermost being is that HEALTH is a gift yet a privilege; therefore, to have it for yourself, you have to make the choice.

Yes, I am a clinician, but I have learnt that HEALTH is not merely the absence of disease and infirmity, it’s not just having a clear doctor’s report, it is way more than that and I have to choose to chase HEALTH and not merely living disease-free.

My focus always, even when you encounter me for 5 minutes, is to give HOPE! Behind that smile, is the urge to challenge you to choose to be Hopeful, that’s where it all begins.

My purpose therefore, is to create this space for you, to guide you through the journey of choosing HOPE, that doesn’t have to be a temporary soother, but the fundamental start to discovering true HEALTH and achieving HEALING.

Will you make the choice to journey with me?

The Mission



For a young woman, living with emptiness and illness…To HEAL your seen and unseen wounds, to give HOPE and a future proud to have you in it. To show this woman, my person, that she is enough, there is more in her than she knows now and the world is eager to have that, using her circumstances, to point her to HOPE for HEALING. To see the woman in my generation wear her crown, as a HEALTHY QUEEN, redefining her HEALTH through physical, emotional and social wellbeing
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Asking Yourself, "Why is my HEALING so important?"


Dr. Lillian N. Kaliisa
Dr. Lillian N. Kaliisa

Scientists have attempted to define HEALING as “the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering”.

Because it is the key outcome to HEALTH, and Health comes to the Individual, you have to define the experience for yourself.

Your holistic healthy living and inner completeness, is meaningful with a HEALTHY and HEALED YOU!

HEALING is not a one event trophy, it is a LIFESTYLE

The world needs more HEALTHY Queens, walking a Lifestyle of HEALING



Let’s Start the Journey towards...