Dr. Lillian makes her speech – testimony of EZER journey

My Night with the King: My “Second” Salvation

Has any of you heard of this not very exciting yet 100% true statement?

…….that……Some of life's greatest gifts come wrapped in sandpaper. 

Well, listen to my story, My Night with the King: My “second” salvation


Yes: This is Dr. Lillian Nabukeera Kaliisa

This is the story of a Woman (just like you)! A specialist family physician, public health specialist and now an expert in holistic health and healing

She is a wife and a mother of 3 on earth and 3 angel babies in heaven above

The daughter of a man, she called hero, one whose presence and love on earth was likened to the love of the Father in heaven, and brought perspective to what true deep love is from God. That’s how close my daddy got to showing me heaven, the one that he went to on the 18th Nov. 2020

But because this is just hours of a night with The King, I will save you that heart wrenching story, but I will not save you from the fact, that this event and its surrounding sisters and brothers (you could even add cousins), was the climax to what Pamela and Maureen (they are the brain behind the EZER self-discovery course) called “adversity” while in the EZER course. Which course, Pamela had gracefully invited me to, me thinking that I was going there to support women to not have to face the pain that I had been facing, little did I know that I needed it more. Speaking to Pamela, in a simple 2-hour tea date, made me realize that before I spoke, to the women I badly wanted to touch, out of their pain, I still deeply needed healing. I sure did, well, I had thought I had braved through it, with the multiple courses and investments I had made to self, prior to meeting Pam, desperately looking for hope and answers to the reason that a girl, had to face all this pain.

L-R: Maureen, Dr. Murugami (guest speeker for the day), Pamela
L-R: Maureen, Dr. Murugami (guest speeker for the day) and Pamela, at the recent "A Night with the King" themed Evolving Woman event held on 4th March 2023

In these shoes, living with so much accumulated PAIN and woundedness, the hats of wife, mother, sister, friend and specialist doctor, to mention but a few, just did not fit. I was terribly “little” and did not fit in those shoes one bit, because….. everything was literally broken in my extremely lonely world.

But, I recall that prior to this, one of the many coaches I had met on my “healing” search had taught and I had learnt, that “We are only able to support others to as much as we are willing to heal” and she meant, to get help, even if it had to be therapy, or EZER, which my coach had and still has no idea it existed.

So, it was a Yes to EZER, from me. I was so determined to do this healing journey that I was 2 weeks late in the course, and 1 week felt like years 1 to 5 in childhood. I was determined to get my healing, so I could meet the women who were like me, that place, so dark, I didn’t want anyone I know or don’t know, to be in. But the reality is, it wasn’t just me, in fact mine was like peanuts in the ocean, but guess what, what made it so significant is that it was MY Story, and I was living in it…..The journey began, Ezer I mean.

A host of ladies enjoy the day, beautiful in shades of pink
A host of ladies enjoy the day, beautiful in shades of pink, at the recent "A Night with the King" themed Evolving Woman event held on 4th March 2023

So, the date was June 18th June 2022, 3 months Nakawere (means new mother) and exactly half way the course, that the chains literally broke and my heart was set free. It did people, it actually did.

Ohh, EZER akaguwa ko kapasuka (meaning: the string broke, to set one to their freedom) into what I call my Second Salvation, because the first was when I was a little innocent 17 year old beauty, who knew nothing much about the pains of life, minus having to go to boarding school and make Senior year 4. academic choices (you know such worries??)

Again, I will save you the details of that Second Salvation, so you experience your own when you sign up for EZER.

But from there, I had new wings. I felt I had no business with pain. I was on mission to boldly stand and support my women, who have faced loss and trauma to redefine true and authentic health and in the process find healing. The work I had started with the HopeHealthHealing Initiative (i.e. H3 that does exactly that)

Allow me, to give you just one glimpse into EZER, that is to SWILL, the mantra on which we walked the journey

  • Stand securely: I am secure in the Lord, like never before, He is my eternal Father! The true father that gave me the opportunity to get a glimpse of His love through my dad

  • Walk in Purity: Cleansed by grace and confident to say that I have a pure & genuine heart that means well to everyone I meet, yet still with lots of fault

  • Influence graciously: As a medical person, practicing medicine, and yet able to see how PAIN gets us to the 75% of worldwide statistic of cause of disease, I now stand before you as a specialist in Holistic Health & Healing, and especially, adding the glow to medicine

  • Love deeply: Oh do I love!! The gifts God has given me in my husband, my babies and my tribe, you my women! No wonder, in EZER, together with my inner small circle, I was dabbed “Loving Lillian” …I love to love and of course be loved back (daaaahhh, I am a WOMAN!). I know LOVE ❤️

  • Leave a legacy: Like I just said, the world will know the’ expert in Holistic Health and Healing, and TODAY! You here, will be witness to it


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Thank you Pamela, Thank you Maureen, Thank you EZER, Thank you Evolving Woman, and above all, Thank you Jesus!!