Welcome to The EXTRAORDINAIRE Program

I walked this very journey for 3 years and I have seen my life transform to becoming extraordinary again, with deep fulfilment, getting my full health back

Redefining HEALTH , finding true HAPPINESS

  • With the guidance in here, you will master the steps you need to listen to your inner person and be at peace with her, walking in alignment with your intuition, in rich spiritual health
  • With this guidance, you will master the discipline of keeping your body in perfect physical wellbeing, learning how to listen to your body; to take the power to know your body out of your doctor’s hands, back to you.
  • With this guidance, you will master the art of being so well that you have enough to give away to those most dear to you, including your family, friends, colleagues, mentors and generally, all around you, without compromising your boundaries.
  • It is your time to be glass-clear on WHO you are, WHY you are here and HOW you will create your impact daily to build your legacy; this is completeness
  • Above all, you will master the art of self-discipline, the one with which you will always WIN in life

 - A life of abundance -

This always felt like a distant dream, when others said they have it.

But now, we can all have it while living in full health; you can as well...

What's Included in




A roadmap that guides you back to the person that you once were, and are truly meant to be


Mind liberation and freedom towards becoming truly extraordinary. Unveiling the extraordinaire in you

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The power is finally back in your hands. Tangible holistic personal development (mind, body and relations)


This revelation finally makes you limitless, giving meaning to your true definition of HEALTH and why health is very important to you.

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Setting your lifelong health routine and intellectual property that will cause you to win in health and all else

Here's a sneak peak of becoming an



Finding your authentic self.

This takes you through the core steps of:

  • You deeply connecting with YOU
  • Listening to your innermost conscience
  • Listening to divine instruction
  • Defining the big WHY (creating your purpose)

These are the core to harnessing your growth

  • The WHY to setting health goals
  • HOW it all starts
  • The HOW to achieving them
  • The science and art of visioning (fall in love with your vision board)

Imagine living in what you see daily. Your health starts in your mind. Let us build it with you. We share the deep experience and healing that is in visualization

  • The daily instruction that changes the course of your day
  • How to daily command the life you have seen
  • Transform your message to power
  • Explore the healing that comes with affirmation

Daily, our minds wait for us to tell them what to do.

When you change what you are saying, you will change what you are seeing

  • WHERE is your GLOW, your intellectual property
  • Explore what is in your hands to excellence
  • Techniques that exercise the mind to daily health
  • Simple steps of incorporating these into a holistic health lifestyle  

Set the pace to daily become extraordinary in your niche, bringing forward your God-given intellectual property. This leads you through what it takes to become unmatchable!

  • Basic support in maintaining life-long physical health lifestyle
  • Step into the shoes of the extraordinaire and look like her
  • Know your body on the inside as well as you know it outside
  • The WHY to building a new and rich lifelong doctor-patient relationship

You are showing off ‘that’ body at your next set target.

You are stepping out as extraordinary in full health


" But I am already ill, having a diagnosis and prescription given me by my doctor …"

If you are ill, it is important to know why and have a diagnosis!
We’ll support you understand your diagnosis and learn to live in full health while living a life of abundance, yet with a diagnosis and a prescription from your doctor. Your body’s default system is to be well and we are here to support it into that; your mind, body and everything important to you. We also ensure that you package your holistic health lifestyle into a self-sustaining lifelong core in your life rather than compete with you and what you love.

" But how will this program improve my health yet it seems to have no emphasis on medication and scientific jargon? …"

It is true, this program is not meant for treatment or prescription purposes. Despite the fact that it is designed by a qualified medical doctor, the principle is to refer you to your clinician and actually empower you to build a deep life-long relationship with your clinician, by understanding the big WHY to it.

This program is fully based on the original definition of health given by WHO in 1948; that health is a state of complete emotional, physical and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity

This promotes whole health and it is with this mantra that Dr. Lillian lives life and teaches others to do the same, so as to acquire completeness in health and all else.

Living in holistic health is living a life of abundance