👸Celebrating A WOMAN 👸

Celebrating A WOMAN


It’s been Women’s Month, a month that hosts the International Women’s Day

Many may call it ordinary, but we differ in this, that Womanhood is no ordinary journey…

It is a full circle, able to create, nurture and transform the world, all in one embodiment,  💖WOMAN!💖

The journey to womanhood is…

The walk of a nurturer yet often destroyed by what she met along the path to nurturing her world

The most authentic image of strength, yet with the assumption that she is the weaker vessel

The scars of trauma because she is a beautifully woven emotional tornado, whose happiness is complete in throwing everything away, including herself, to live for love


She is Beautiful, look deeply into her heart ❤️

She is Strength, search more deeply into her story

She is Caring, I mentioned that nurturing is her genetic material, that is why she will make a house a home, a cell a baby, a trigger into a bonfire and sadly emotional pain into full blown disease

She is Love, Peace and Joy, to one who has learnt the art of harnessing these from her

Like a rose flower, one can pick it up through touching its thorns and discards it for causing harm to the one that picks it up, and yet another can pick it up by the same stalk and use it to make the most beautiful bouquet 🌹

She is blessed and a blessing to the world around her

Celebrating A WOMAN


I am describing the woman of dignity, the woman that has picked up her pieces and walked again, the one who has made beauty from her ashes, who just like a butterfly, spreads her wings to show off the changes she has gone through to get to that BEAUTY 👑

She is a WOMAN, and the world celebrates HER

HopeHealthHealing Affirmation to this WOMAN:

I am a HEALED woman, falling in love with the woman I have become today; I wiped my tears, I am healing and I deliberately leave behind what did not serve me. I am proudly the WOMAN walking a Lifestyle of HEALING